2nd Transnational Project Meeting of ‘Rebuilding the lives in the Land of Hope’ is taking place between 2nd-5th February in Ljubljana, Slovenia in which the project representatives from Tuzla Halk Eğitimi Merkezi (Turkey), Tuzla Kaymakamlığı (Turkey), Municipality of Magenta (Italy), Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece), Integration För Alla (Sweden), Terra Vera Association for Sustainable Development (Slovenia), Stowarzyszenie Klub Sportowy ACTIVITA’dan (Poland).

The project is funded by European Commission with the support of Turkish National Agency under the framework of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for adult education (Development of Innovation).

The partner meeting is hosted by Terra Vera Association for Sustainable Development which deals with the social integration of the asylum seekers and refugees in Slovenia.

The main agenda item of the project meeting organized between 3-4 February is to discuss about the first intellectual output “Language and Communication Module” which aims to support the social integration of the refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. Within the framework of the language module designed by the partnership, the local language courses will be held in the countries participating in the project (Turkey, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Poland and Slovenia) in the following months.

The project activities done so far have been evaluated and the following activities have been discussed by the project representatives. They have also discussed about the content of the workshop 1: “Language teaching approaches and methods for refugees and migrants” which will be held in Örkelljunga, Sweden between 2-8 April 2017.

The project representatives have attended the storytelling workshop session in which the asylum seekers and refugees from Africa and Syria participate. The workshop is held weekly in Ziferblat Ljubljana aiming to promote the language learning, social interaction and integration of the asylum seekers and refugees. After the workshop they all gathered again at Skuhna which is culinary and social venture.

Meanwhile the practical arragements about the project implementation, arrangements about the local language courses, the workshop in Sweden, the multiplier event in Turkey, financial and document regulations of Erasmus+ programme have been discussed in the project meeting in Ljubljana as well.

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