Activita Association is non-gorvermental organisation with  with17 trainers and 43 trainees. The Acitivita  was initiated on behalf of people of Topola-Osiedle and Przygodzice Commune (central Poland beetween Wrocław and Poznań). Its main objective is to increase the standard of living of a local community. It also supports environmental protection, inclusion and integration education, employment, culture and sport actions as well supports individual people and organizations which take similar actions. The Activita is an association that aims to initiate various educational actions designed to implement values and European standards, able to bring a new European dimension to the current context. Also, the association is concerned with on-going communication and collaborative relationships locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Through the activities of the association is encouraged volunteering as a form of providing superior support and assistance and exchange of best practices. The concern for the development of local partnerships, regional and international led to the development of human resources within the organization with the skills and competencies in terms of teamwork. Association has implemented numerous projects for international partnership and thus its active members developed management capacity and skills related to educational projects.

The Assotiation promotes citizens’ mobility, runs joint study programmes and establishes networks, enabling them to become more active in the democratic life of their community.  Social services department provides psychosocial support, job orientation services and career counseling, psychological counseling for persons, couples, families, groups and more. There is a special service to school community, counseling to students, teachers and parents. Most of the adults have fewer opportunities in the labour market.  In this project we will make a connection between NGOs, schools and local community to be aware of social inclusion at people with learning disability; involving volunteers, teachers, trainers, managers and local community in a campaign to learn more about inclusion and integration, working with Syrian refugees and employment in this project, we can make them to improve their social and professional behavior. This project will involve citizens from different cultures, improving level of integration and give us the opportunity to enhance learning’ competence in the wellbeing of our educational world. The result of the process will be adults who have the motivation to understand refugees needs, to include them in our world.

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