Tuzla Halk Eğitimi Merkezi (Tuzla Public Education Centre), located in Istanbul, Turkey, is a
public adult education provider established in 1995. Tuzla Halk Egitimi Merkezi deals with
non-formal education, including training, education, guidance and application activities
organized in addition to, or outside formal education for individuals who have never entered
the formal education system, or individuals who are at a certain level of the formal
education, or who have left these levels for lifelong education. The great majority of the
educational activities organized outside formal education institutions are carried out by our
public training centre. The organisation’s expertise is mainly on vocational, social and
cultural, and literacy courses for individuals at every age and educational level. Our
organisation is focused on reforming the goals, programs and structures of the school
system, giving emphasis to activities towards developing, extending and restructuring the
non-school education and learning system in the context of lifelong education and shifting
the focus of education from formal education to continuous education.
Some courses we organise at our centre can be listed as:
Social Integration, Cultural, Art and Sport Courses: Communication techniques, diction, sign
language, communication at social and working life, family education, English (all levels),
literacy, folk dances, folk instruments, distance (open) high school, university preparation
courses, Turkish art and folk music, drama, photography, guitar, flute, taekwondo, karate,
tennis, gym, painting, theatre, and any demanded courses.
Vocational Courses: ICT, clothing, embroidery, carpet weaving, needlework, patch-work,
handicrafts wood painting, handicrafts cloth painting, model plane, handicrafts glass
decorating, glass blowing, central – heating and any demanded courses.
At our institution we have learners aged between 18 and 50+ generally coming from socio-
economically disadvantaged areas. We are situated in the area where most of the people are
migrants. Our school is at one of the most deprived areas of the region with a high rate of
unemployment and economic difficulties as a result of poor working conditions and low
What are the activities and experience of the partner organisation in the areas relevant for
this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?
Our activities mainly focus on the integration of the learners in social and professional life.
We have also been involved in social, cultural and vocational events during the academic
year such as theatre, exhibitions, concerts, etc.
At our organisation the integration of the learners coming from ethnic and other minority
groups in the neighbourhood into the education and society is one of our missions.
Therefore we endeavour to integrate the adult learners in social life effectively by the social,
cultural courses, guidance and communication.
As the staff have been involved in many local and EU project, the project team consists of
the staff who are experienced about the local and international projects, implementing the
project activities and disseminating the project to wider community. They attended the
project cycle management training. They have a good organizational skills and a good
command of communication and ICT skills.

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