T.C. Tuzla Kaymakamlığı, situated in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey, is a district governorship established in 1992 in accordance with the law no. 3806 of The Ministry of Inferior Affairs. T.C. Tuzla Kaymakamlığı is the main public authority which is responsible for governmental issues in the district and coordinates the all services of public institutions and organizations in Tuzla. Our organisation takes an active role in the economic, cultural, educational and social development of Tuzla.

Tuzla District Governorship undertakes the following such prerogatives and activities in terms of economic, social and cultural inclusion of people into society:

  • Establishing the membership standards of European Union in Tuzla, district of Istanbul in the process of pre-accession and after the accession of Turkey’s membership.
  • Providing cooperation and communication among the people and institutions in Tuzla in order to adapt and implement the Acquis Communautaire of European Commission
  • Strengthening and promoting equity and social inclusion of the people with disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities such as disability, educational difficulties, economic obstacles, cultural differences, health problems, social and geographical obstacles
  • Fostering people’s sense of active European citizenship
  • Integrating immigrants and refugees into social and economic life in Tuzla
  • Facilitating the access to employment, entrepreneurship, education and training
  • Enhancing formal and non-formal education on intercultural dialogue and solidarity
  • Fostering equal opportunities for all, especially those at risk of exclusion
  • Promoting cultural and artistic activities to encourage the expression of social commitment and of actively contributing to the quality of life.
  • Disseminating the maritime culture in Tuzla which is the heart of maritime
  • Preserving environment and sea life in local area and in the world and taking action to protect the nature
  • Encouraging the people to take part in voluntary activities and projects in local and international level and to participate in civil society actively. Inclusion of the people in the civil society, economic and cultural life independently of their age, race, religion, gender and level of education
  • Promoting social, professional and personal development of people.

As Tuzla District Governorship, one of our prior objectives is to take part in the projects which meet the needs of Tuzla and contribute strategic development of Tuzla by developing unique projects and to benefit from available local and EU grants by observing the new developments in public administration and civil society and in the process of EU candidateship. One of our priorities is to place emphasis on the human resources training in order to develop effective and productive projects.

Within this framework, we have increased the number of the local and international projects aiming to facilitate the social integration, to promote entrepreneurial spirit, to assist people to get information, experiences and competences, to enhance the tolerance among people who have different cultural and social backgrounds, to eliminate the discrimination and to provide youngsters, adults with an opportunity in establishing their own policy.

It has been aimed to benefit from the grants and support programmes in cooperation with public institutions, organisations, local municipalities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), private sector and citizens in Tuzla within the framework of EU programmes, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), Central Finance & Contracts Unit (CFCU) and Istanbul Development Agency.

Since Turkey became a programme country in EU programmes, our project team consists of the key staff who have taken an active role in project development, management and implementation.  The staff at project department which is titled as “Tuzla District Governorship Project Development and Management Centre” carry on the tasks; informing about the EU programmes and EU opportunities, and dissemination of the project activities in cooperation with public and private institutions and non-governmental organizations. The project key staff also support and assist the people who want to prepare the projects for related call of proposals which meet needs of the people in Tuzla.

The key persons have expertise on project cycle management (PCM) and the seminars about the PCM, the former EU programmes (Lifelong Learning and Youth Programmes) and the new EU programme (Erasmus+) have been organized in the district in order to disseminate the project culture and project based thinking among the people in the region.  They have a good organizational skills and a good command of communication and ICT skills.

Our project team have been working to increase the project diversity and to introduce the opportunities of the projects for the target groups coming from different cultural and social backgrounds.

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